While a property manager can never function like an attorney, the managers at Michael & Sons take great pains to ensure that they have a good, current understanding of the Davis-Stirling Act. This Act refers to the portion of the California Civil Code that governs common interest developments.

Every year, there are changes to the law and our managers make a special effort to get clear about the changes and then communicate those changes to Boards of Directors that they serve. One of the ways we do that is through staying connected to the Community Associations Institute which is an international association dedicated to providing education and resources to property managers and Boards of Directors. Additionally, as a result of our working relationship with attorneys who are experts in Davis-Stirling, we receive complementary, updated texts of the law and we happily pass these on to our Boards for their reference.

As a Board member, you know just how important it is to ensure that your association is operating in compliance with these laws. By partnering with us, you can be assured that required disclosures will be accurate and mailed in the correct time frame. Necessary financial reviews, reserve studies, Secretary of State filings and budgets will all be completed in strict adherence to the Davis-Stirling Act.

If, at any time, a situation comes up that is beyond the normal scope of operations, your Michael & Sons manager can connect you with an attorney who specializes in common interest development law. We have working relationships with many excellent local attorneys that go back to the early days of our firm.