As a Board member, you have a keen awareness of the responsibility that came to you when you were elected. Michael & Sons understands that responsibility and can provide you with the services that will keep your Board in compliance with state regulations.

Some of our accounting services include:

  • Collecting assessment dues and making deposits to your operating account
  • Carefully reviewing vendor invoices for accuracy and allocating them to the correct budget line item
  • Preparing vendor checks twice a month to avoid any possibility of late fees
  • Preparing a proposed annual budget for your Board’s approval
  • Producing the various and complex elements of your monthly financial statement
  • Preparing the required accounting records at corporate year end to submit to your CPA
  • Reconciling your vendor accounts and generating tax forms where needed
  • Submitting all appropriate tax forms to State and Federal offices
  • Mailing the budget and annual disclosures to the members
  • Tracking delinquent accounts and following up with collection/lien procedures
  • Keeping the Board current with laws and legal requirements
  • Provide sellers with requisite information and documents for title transfers.
  • Maintain legal records of your Association.

With our accounting team working on your behalf, you can relax and know that experts have your financial picture well in hand. Give us a call today and let us show you the kind of excellent reports we provide each and every month for our contracted associations.