What can you expect from your Michael & Sons manager? You can expect a partner who is very familiar with community associations. While service on a Board of Directors may be new to you, you can be assured that your manager has worked with many Boards and will help you to understand your role in the governance of your community as well as provide expertise on issues that may arise in the association.

Aside from the knowledge and expertise, your manager and the Michael & Sons support staff will make sure that your meeting agendas are posted and that your Board packet has everything you need to make informed decisions. Support in preparing meeting minutes is also available.

You can also expect that your manager will help you define the scope of work when you are entering into contracts. Having a well-defined scope of work keeps projects under budget, on time and free of surprises. Michael & Sons also verifies the licenses and insurance coverage of the vendors you contract with. It’s just one more way that we protect your interests.

Your manager is continually learning from experts in the various fields that affect community associations. Michael & Sons takes great pride in offering the property managers seminars in very diverse topics. The topic list is as wide-ranging as the issues associations find themselves dealing with in the completion of their duties. Recent seminars have covered roofing, Davis-Sterling compliance, lien enforcement and water-wise landscaping.

When you contract with Michael & Sons, you are gaining an ally like no other. Give us a call today- we would love to talk to you about your association’s needs.