The site visit is one of the manager’s best tools in caring for your property.  Depending upon the contract, site visits might occur weekly or monthly. Site visits are conducted on foot and there are a number of things that the association manager looks at.

Most importantly, the manager will be looking at the landscaper’s work.  Are there weeds?  If there are lawn areas, are they neatly mowed and edged?  Is there any broadleaf or clover in the lawn?  Each manager has a checklist of approximately twenty items that he or she is scanning for in the landscaping.  The manager makes notes and follows up with the landscaper to ensure that the property is maintained in a manner that reflects well upon the complex.

The manager will also use the site visit to monitor the assets of the association.  Whether it’s a charging station or a trash enclosure, if it falls under the purview of the association, the manager is keeping it under observation.  Damage, wear and tear or the need for complete replacement- these are the things the manager is looking for.  Based upon these observations, the manager will obtain bids and/or initiate conversations with the Board of Directors.