What does every homeowner want? The easy answer is stable or rising property values. Studies have shown that professionally managed communities maintain their property values greater than those that do not have an association in place or that are self-managed.

A strong association shows real pride of place that potential homeowners can see the moment they enter the community. The homeowners all buy in to the common goal of strong property values. They do this not by being bullied in an “us” versus “them” environment, but by being informed of the common purpose behind their board’s actions and developing a sense of trust in the board of directors and the professional management company.

Michael & Sons knows how to build partnerships between the homeowners, the volunteer board of directors and the managing agent. It’s about relationship, transparency and responsiveness. We’ve spent more than 25 years building a reputation for exactly these qualities.

If you serve on your association’s board of directors, you will want to talk to us. We know how tough your job is and we want to partner with you to make your association not just function well, but to be a place that people are proud to call home.